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We deliver!

At Eagle Roofing, we don't just tell you what you want to hear concerning our quality. The proof is in our long list of referrals and quality installations we have done in the past. We strive to complete your project on time and on budget with a minimum of disruption to your daily life.

We understand that a roof repair or replacement can be a daunting task. Eagle Roofing is here to take on that burden and make your experience a good one. We are proud of our ability to handle virtually any flat roof issue you may have. We are a premiere roofing company in Oklahoma, and we have a long list of satisfied customers who continue to give referrals.


Chopped Fiberglass Emulsion: Is it right for your roof?

Not every roof is a candidate, but if yours is, you will enjoy many years of service and protection from your new roof. Our Chopped Fiberglass Emulsion Roofing System is “manufactured in-place” which makes it easily adaptable to roof penetrations and different roof structure configurations. It allows for extra reinforcing and asphalt emulsion to be applied to areas that require extra strength and it is installed in conjunction with an aluminum UV protective coating.

Cool Roofing That Works:

Once your new Chopped Fiberglass Emulsion Roof is complete, we add another layer of protection that will help keep your building cooler, and reduce cooling costs. Our aluminum coatings are also emulsion based, and reflect the sun's harmful rays back away from your roof. This increases the life of your roof, and helps you save money.


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'I would not hesitate to recommend Eagle Roofing to anyone who is considering a roof replacement or repair'

R. Castleberry - East Central University

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