Chopped Fiberglass Emulsion Roof System for Flat Roofs

The Eagle Roofing Chopped Fiberglass Emulsion Roofing System is a multi-ply, reinforced,seamless, self-flashing, fluid applied, renewable roofing system whose foundation is a bentonite clay type asphalt emulsion. This type of roofing system has been in use on roofs for over 60 years. Our Chopped Fiberglass Emulsion Roofing System is “manufactured in-place” which makes it easily adaptable to roof penetrations and different roof structure configurations. It allows for extra reinforcing and asphalt emulsion to be applied to areas that require extra strength and it is installed in conjunction with an aluminum UV protective coating.

Our aluminum coating is made from the same asphalt emulsion as the roofing system with aluminum added for reflectivity. This coating will reduce the heat build-up inside your structure caused by radiant heat on the roof surface by as much as 15° Fahrenheit in addition to adding years of life to the roof system.

Free Annual Inspections:

With other companies, your roof will be installed and when completed, they will pick up a check. That wll be the last time you see them until you have a warranty issue. At Eagle Roofing, we believe that future problems can be prevented if proper inspections are carried out and the roof is maintained. If your roof carries a 12 year warranty, you will see us 12 times after your roof is installed! We'll stop by each year, inspect your roof, and let you know what we've found. You'll receive an inspection report and advice on what you can do to increase the life of your roof. Should we find an area that needs to be worked on, chances are that we'll be able to repair the area long before you get a leaking roof.

Cool Roofing That Works:

Once your new Chopped Fiberglass Emulsion Roof is complete, we add another layer of protection that will help keep your building cooler, and reduce cooling costs. Our aluminum coatings are also emulsion based, and reflect the sun's harmful rays back away from your roof. This increases the life of your roof, and helps you save money.


I am pleased to recommend them as a company who does good work and stands behind their product.
Bill Bentley - Superintendent - Dibble Public Schools